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Grayhaven is one of the oldest independent commercial vineyards in Virginia, founded in 1978 by Lyn and Chuck Peple with the help of their daughters Jane and Max.  What started as a retirement venture for the Peples steadily grew as a family business and remains family owned and operated.  Grayhaven Winery, a Class A Estate Farm Winery, was launched in 1994, producing hand-crafted wines from vinifera and French hybrid grapes.

Grayhaven produces handcrafted wines that honor tradition and celebrate the rich terrior of Central Virginia. The winery is known for its signature wines Pinotage, Marechal Foch, Touriga, Petit Verdot, Port & Pommeau-style wines as well as a stellar lineup of vinifera and hybrid varietals and blends. Grayhaven's fifty acre farm is nestled among rolling hills and surrounded by vineyards, horse pastures and forests.

Grayhaven got its South African flair in 1998 when Deon Abrams, a native of Cape Town, South Africa, joined the family and the family business.  Deon, general manager and one of Grayhaven’s winemakers, was responsible for introducing South Africa’s Pinotage grape into Grayhaven’s vineyards in 2001. One of only a handful of Pinotage growers in the United States, Grayhaven has continued to increase its Pinotage production to keep up with the demand. In 2017, Grayhaven began leasing a small vineyard block in South Africa help offset the production swings typical in Virginia.

Meet the three generations of this winemaking family and you’ll see how their love of nature and animals, obsession with food and their passion for winemaking help create a unique environment and exceptional wines.



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