Pricing for catered lunches and dinners depends on the number of people in your group and the dishes you choose.  Please call for pricing.  Please note that many of the ingredients we use are fresh, grown on local farms and are only available seasonally.  (804) 556-3917



Artisan Cheese

Antipasti Starters with cheeses, cured Italian meats and grilled vegetables served with crusty Italian bread made locally

Baked Brie cheese with honey, walnuts and figs marinated in Grayhaven Chambourcin

Smoked Salmon Torte with layers of cream cheese, smoked wild salmon, minced red onion, capers and fresh dill

Virginia-made Goat Cheese with locally baked baguette.  Available in a variety of flavors such as Garlic & Chive and Pineapple Walnut

Chips & Salsa - Farm-made salsas using garden fresh peppers, heirloom tomatoes and fresh herbs, farm-made Veracruz guacamole

Baked Artichoke/Parmesan Dip with pita chips

Mediterranean Mezza Basic -  Farm-made hummus, babaghanouge & tabbouleh salad served with warm pita slices

Mediterranean Mezza  Large-  Farm-made hummus, babaghanouge, tabbouleh salad, muhamara dip, falafel, dolmas, tzaziki, feta & Greek olive spread and spicey crecked red-wheat spread, served with warm pita slices.  (See Med. Mezza Meal below)

International Cheese Board – a sampling of artisan cheeses from Virginia, California, Italy France, Switzerland and England.  Goat, cow and sheep’s milk cheeses are selected as well a samples from a variety of styles and aging methods.  Cave-aged Gouda, truffle-infused Sotocenere, and triple-cream, rind-washed brine-aged organic cow’s milk cheese are just a few of the unusual offerings



Capresse Salad

Spinach Salad with Strawberries, almonds and poppy seed dressing

Mixed Micro-Greens with Prawns, grapefruit and grapefruit vinaigrette

Classic Caesar with shaved parmesan, farm-made croutons and fresh Caesar dressing (can be made with or without anchovies)

Capresse Salad with fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, olive oil and balsamic reduction (using local heirloom tomatoes when in season)

Mushroom Salad – button mushrooms sliced super thin and layered – topped with chopped hardboiled eggs, scallions and bacon and dressed with fresh mustard vinaigrette.  Can be made without bacon

Potato Salad with Greek yogurt and scallions drizzled with an anchovy-balsamic vinaigrette

Pasta Salads


Pesto Pasta

Asian Cold Sesame Pasta Salad, whole wheat angel hair pasta salad with red bell peppers and scallions – served cold

Pesto Pasta Salad with fresh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes

Providence Shrimp Salad – an old-fashioned, summertime favorite made with shrimp, elbow macaroni, minced red onion, pickle relish and Old Bay Seasoning

Shitaki Pasta Salad with aged parmesan and local shitake mushrooms sautéed in Grayhaven Chardonnay

Spinach Fettuccini with garlic, olive oil and tomatoes

Soups, Stews & Chili



Dragon’s Breath Chili – rich and intense with ancho, alleppo and a host of other chili peppers and spices.  This is a dark red, tomato based chili and does not contain green bell pepper.  Can be made with your choice of beans or sans beans (our favorite.)  Can be made with cubed sirloin (also our preference,) ground beef, pork, turkey or a combination.  Can be made less-spicey and served with spicey sour creams and hot sauces.  There is no super-mild version.

Cioppino Stew:  A tomato based stew with white wine, garlic, fish and shellfish.  This beautiful Italian classic is a meal in itself.  A rustic dish best served in a casual setting.

Spicey Vegan Peanut Stew – a rich and hearty stew made with ground peanuts, spinach and spices (very spicey)

Hearty Potato Leek Soup served with toppings – chopped bacon, cheddar cheese

Pozole with hominy and local sausage.  Thin tomato broth soup with rich corn flavor and hearty sausage.

Gum Spring Gumbo Local Keilbasa and Aduille sausage, shrimp, chicken, okra and spinach with a dark rue & deep red tomato base served over basmati rice

RT. 6 Brunswick Stew – A hearty stew with tomatoes, corn, chicken, lima beans and potatoes made with white wine



Sanwhich Wraps

Sandwich Wraps – colorful spinach and red bell sandwich tortillas wrap your selection of cold deli meats.  Artisan mustards, smoky horseradish sauce and wasabi mayo are a few of the unusual spreads available.  Smoked turkey with creamy basil pesto spread and dried cranberries with spinach wrap is a house favorite

BeeElleTee – Made with artisan, thick-cut peppered bacon, heirloom tomatoes (when available) and sourdough bread – the best BLT ever

Vintage Tea Sandwhiches made with date nut bread and filled with pineapple,/walnut cream cheese

Cucumber Sandwiches with dill & minced red onion cream cheese on artisan bread.  This beautiful tea sandwich is cut round and rolled in minced red radish

Pimento Tea Sandwiches made with artisan bread and locally made Pimento spread

Sides & Veg


Grilled Asparagus

Au Gratin Potatoes with Asiago, Parmesan and white cheddar

Edamame Salad – Dressed with a sesame vinaigrette – served warm or chilled

Roasted Beet Salad with a tangy-sweet balsamic dressing.  Served warm or chilled, goat cheese or feta goat cheese optional

Grilled Asparagus with horseradish sauce

Ratatouille with seasonal local zucchini, tomatoes, onions, red bell pepper and garlic

Couscous with sautéed vegetables

Tomato & Squash Casserole with home-made croutons and apple wood smoked cheddar



Grilled Flank Steak

Marinated Grilled Flank Steak Southwestern style cooked rare to medium rare and sliced thin

Lasagna using locally made pasta in your choice of plain, spinach, red bell pepper, sun-dried tomato or squid ink.  Choice of white garlic cream sauce or Red sauce.  Choice of vegetarian, ground veal w/ ground Italian sausage (house favorite) ground turkey or ground beef.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin sliced and served with chutneys

Roast Leg of Lamb or Beef Roast encrusted with garlic, rosemary, dark soy, lemon zest and farm made rustic bread crumbs

Salmon Steaks grilled on a bed of fresh fennel and lemon slices and served with a smoky horseradish sauce

Wasabi-crusted Tuna Steaks cooked rare and served with Tamari sauce

Catfish Ceviche - marinated with lime, cilantro and red bell pepper – served chilled (can substitue other fish)

Roasted Duck served sliced with orange soy glaze

Local Bratwurst and Red Cabbage braised with Legend’s Hefeweizen, served with Virginia-made spicey mustard

Mediterranean Mezza Meal-  Farm-made hummus, babaghanouge, tabbouleh salad, muhamara dip, falafel, dolmas, tzaziki, feta & Greek olive spread and spicey cracked red-wheat spread, served with warm pita slices.  Cold cucumber & red onion salad.  Kebabs of marinated Lamb and Kebabs of seasonal vegetables, served with tangy mint sauce

Lemon Chicken Tagine - Local chicken braised in a clay pot with preserved lemon, onions and Israeli couscous.  This is a rustic dish best served in casual settings

South African Braised Chicken  Slow-cooked clay pot chicken with dried plums, apricot, potatoes, pumpkin, onions and cinnamon served with Basmati rice.  This is a favorite winter dish in South Africa and here at Grayhaven.  The slow mingling of sweet and savory is perfectly balanced with the hint of cinnamon.    This is a rustic dish best served in casual settings

Grilled Garlic Lemon Chicken marinated in Grayhaven Seyval Blanc, garlic, lemon & fresh-cracked pepper



Fruit Torte

Almond Torte with seasonal fruit (October would be pears or apples) – house favorite

Mango Salad with coconut and Agave syrup

Azra’s Angel Cake – fresh baked angelfood cake smothered in fresh whipped whole cream w/ cream cheese and beautifully adorned with fresh strawberries and blueberries.  This is a light and refreshing dessert that celebrates summer

Giradelli Dark Chocolate Brownies dusted with snowflake sugar and drizzled with raspberry syrup

Cheddar Apple Pie with Carter Mountain Virginia apples (seasonal) and Marshall Farms Cheddar crust

Fresh Fruit Salad with local honey & mint

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