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Grayhaven wine, your design! Perfect for weddings, birthdays, business gifts and other special occasions. Grayhaven will design a special label using your photo or artwork, or you can choose from our pre-designed special occasion labels.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of your custom labeled wine depends on which wine you choose, the bottle size and the bottle style. The average cost per bottle for souvenir sized bottles (375ml) is $12/bottle with a minimum order of 24 bottles, the average cost for full size (750ml) is $18/bottle with a minimum order of 24 bottles. Grayhaven’s wines range in price from reasonable to premium – your choice of wine has the greatest impact on your final cost per bottle.

Getting Started

Choose Your Wine! The first step is to set up an appointment for a private tasting of all of Grayhaven’s current and upcoming releases.

Pick Your Bottle Style. Bottles come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Our most popular style for wedding favors is cobalt blue, souvenir size. Corporate clients usually choose a more traditional green Bordeaux style. Browse our samples and catalogs to see what you like best. At the end of your visit, Grayhaven will have a completed quote for your order.

Label Design. There is a $50 design and registration fee for each type of wine you order. “Type” can mean red, white or blush but can also mean varietal if you choose to have that printed on your label. Grayhaven will design your label for you using your artwork, text and/or photos. The label is then submitted by Grayhaven to the ATF and ABC for approval. The process can take more than 6 weeks, so start planning early to ensure your label is approved in time for your event.

Label Printing. Grayhaven has a variety of label stock to choose from and handles all printing in-house. The average cost per label is $2 for full color. For large orders or brand-conscious clients, we suggest using a professional printer. You may use your own or we can obtain quotes and samples for you from one of our printing partners.

Bottling & Labeling. Grayhaven will custom bottle and apply the labels for your custom order. You may choose to lend a hand – see info below for Winemaker for a Day.

Delivery. Grayhaven can ship your order to you within the state of Virginia or you can pick the order up at the winery.

That’s it! Give us a call or drop an email today to schedule a private tasting and quote. Contact Max at (804) 556-3917 or email at max@grayhavenwinery.com

Get Free Stuff With Your Order

Winemaker For A Day. Bring your family, friends or staff out and be part of the bottling of your custom wine. Learn how handcrafted wine is made, how to work the Magic Cow, or give your slot machine arm a workout on the Italian corker. Try your hand at shrink wrap capsuling and even apply your labels to the bottles. Snacks and wine tasting included. It’s a great photo opportunity, team building exercise or bachelor/ette party activity.

You’ll get a 10% discount on Grayhaven wines the day of your bottling, that includes your custom order!

You’ll also get a photo of your group holding your custom labeled wine with Grayhaven’s vineyard or hand-crafted gothic style doors as a backdrop.


Q – My wine is for a private event, why does the label need to be approved by the ATF and ABC? A – All bottled wine leaving a winery’s bonded area must have a gov’t approved label that accurately states the contents and producer of the wine as well as alcohol health warnings. This is a law that applies to all wines regardless of whether they will be used for direct consumption or resale. Grayhaven will file and shepherd the label through the application process, which is fairly routine.

Q – Why won’t the country club serve my custom labeled wine at our reception? A – While some venues will allow you, your caterer, Grayhaven or it’s own staff to serve your private label wine at your event, others will not. In some cases, ABC regulations are the deterrent.  Most venues and/or their caterers make income by providing a bar service at your event and require that your private label wine be purchased by the venue from Grayhaven via a distributor and then invoiced to you. Most venues will allow you to display your unopened custom labeled wine for your party favors, some won’t. Check with your venue and caterer to find out what their policies are.

Q – I’m getting married in three weeks – is there time to place a custom label wine order if we select wine you already have bottled? A – No – unfortunately, the label approval process still applies. While we can ask for expediency for special cases – three weeks is too short notice.

Q- Why isn’t a half-size bottle exactly half the cost of a full-size bottle of the same wine? A – While the quantity of wine is , the cost of the label, capsule and cork are the same for both sizes.

Q – I’m a caterer and would like to carry Grayhaven Wines for my clients, why can’t you sell them to me? A – Virginia laws changed recently, barring us from selling our wine to anyone who will re-sell the wine, that includes caterers, stores and restaurants. At this time, Grayhaven does not use a distributor. Please check back with us in the future, as laws change and we may even try our hand at using a distributor.

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