Grayhaven specializes in small-batch production of wines made from vinifera and hybrid grapes such as Sauvignon Blanc, Pinotage, Touriga and Marechal Foch. The Grayhaven tradition of winemaking balances a philosophy of minimal intervention with creative risk taking. Each new release embodies the spirit and dedication of the Peple & Abrams family and reflects the diversity and unique characteristics of central Virginia's climate and mineral rich soils.  Terms of Service for Purchasing Grayhaven Wines

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At Grayhaven, we bottle our wines about once a week all through the year.  Every batch of wine, every vintage, every blend is unique.  If you taste something you like, we suggest you get it while you can - chances are what you tasted will be long gone next time you see us.  Though we work with over 17 different varietals, we typically have 4 to 6 wines available at any given time. Label names such as Voyager and Rendezvous are not names of grapes - they are brand name labels that are used across many different batches and blends.  The descriptions below are typical but will not necessarily be what is in the current release under that label. 

White Wines

Voyager -
Voyager is Grayhaven's signature white blend, known for its spicy aroma and full body. Grapes such as Vidal Blanc, Cayuga White, Golden Muscat and Chardonnel are used to craft a versatile wine that pairs well with hors d'oeuvres, poultry, fish and light pasta.

Moonlight White - Grayhaven's Moonlight White offers crisp, citrus aroma and flavor with tropical fruit tones. Using grapes such as Rkatsiteli and Traminette, Moonlight White is the perfect accompaniment for fish, poultry, pork or vegetable dishes and compliments fruit-based marinades and sauces.

Sauvignon Blanc - Citrus and fruit aromas and a clean, crisp finish are the hallmarks of Grayhaven's Sauvignon Blanc. Best served with seafood and is well paired with the delicate flavors of scallops, lobster and crab.

Fumé Blanc - Grayhaven's Fumé Blanc is 100% Sauvignon Blanc aged with American Oak. The citrus and fruit notes compliment the smokey bouquet contributed by the earthy, medium toast American oak. Perfect with seafood and light pasta, divine paired with oysters.

Seyval Blanc - Grayhaven's Seyval Blanc is a spicy, medium bodied white bursting with personality. Its depth of character and lively nature make it the perfect accompaniment to rich foods such as pate or risotto, and the bold flavors of tapas or grilled sausages.

Chardonnay - Light and fruity, Grayhaven's Chardonnay is finished in the European style, allowing the personality of the grape - rather than the boldness of the oak, to shine through. Pairs well with poultry, seafood and Alfredo pasta dishes.

Blush Wines

The Eventide - Expect the unexpected with Grayhaven's The Eventide blush. Each release offers a bold new approach to blush wine's relationship with cuisine. From our dry, 100% Cabernet Franc blush to the off-dry and semi-sweet blush blends using Vidal Blanc, Golden Muscat, Concord and Marechal

Foch, The Eventide is both whimsical and complex. Best served with grilled meats, grilled shrimp or savory-sweet dishes using pineapple or apricot.

Red Wines

Rendezvous - Rendezvous is Grayhaven’s popular claret style red, light bodied and low in tannins. Rendezvous is gently oaked and offers distinct aromas of currant, raspberry and pineapple. The berry tones and light body make it the perfect wine to serve with quail, duck and veal. Varieties such as Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon & Syrah are used in Rendezvous blends.

Pinotage - The Pinotage grape, developed at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, is a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault varieties. Grayhaven's Pinotage is a specialty of general manager and assistant winemaker Deon Abrams, who hails from the sunny coast of Cape Town, SA. This spicy, peppery, bold red with cherry notes pairs well with steak, lamb, marinara based pasta and other Italian dishes. It can also be used as an after-meal treat in place of heavier dessert wines.

Touriga - Grayhaven's Touriga is made with 100% Touriga grapes - a variety developed by the Portuguese and often used in the production of Port wines. This rich, medium-full bodied red is round and velvety with cherry and grapefruit notes and provides hint of vanilla in the bouquet and finish. Perfect served with steaks and bold enough to compliment rich dishes such as steak au poivre or osso buco.

Cabernet Sauvignon - Flavors of black currant and tobacco flow smoothly over the palate in Grayhaven's Cabernet Sauvignon. While delightful on release, this medium bodied wine is supported by a healthy tannin structure, making it a great choice for home cellar aging. Serve Grayhaven Cabernet Sauvignon with zesty Italian dishes, veal with porcini cream sauce or prime rib with red wine demi-glaze.

Cabernet Franc - Grayhaven's Cabernet Franc offers a deep ruby color with aromas of berries and spice. Light to medium bodied, it delivers simple and straightforward flavors of wild cherry and plum with hints of spice and leather on the finish. Pairs well with braised lamb, roast duck and Northern Italian style veal dishes.

Trekker - Trekker is a distinctive red blend, known for its fruity aroma and zesty character. Grapes such as Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Marechal Foch are used to craft this lively wine that pairs well with Mexican cuisine, Spanish tapas and classic Colombian style churrasco steak.

Sojourn - Sojourn, a blend of Touriga and Cabernet Franc,  is one of Grayhaven’s most popular blends. Balanced acidity, soft tannins and a sumptuous plum aroma make this a versatile choice for any meal - from pasta to veal. 


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